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3 Tips for Dealing With Pain at Home

When it comes to diagnosing, treating, and prescribing medicine for pain, only a qualified doctor can really help. However, if you’ve already seen a doctor and you are on pain medication, there are a couple things you can do right at home without more medication that can help ease your pain or help you better be able to cope.


It may seem counter-intuitive but exercise can actually cause your body to basically release its own natural “painkillers.” These chemicals include things like endorphins and hormones which can actually increase your pain tolerance. In addition, exercise has been linked to stress relief and happiness. The most common issue is that, for individuals who suffer from severe chronic pain, exercising may be too painful. For these individuals, it may be advisable to start small. Even something simple like walking around the block more often can be a great way to start.

Sleep More

Lack of sleep is a major epidemic in the United States and for many individuals who suffer from chronic pain, getting a good night’s sleep may be difficult. This can be improved by following better sleep habits. For example, avoid caffeine before bed, don’t eat after 6pm, follow a regular scheduled bedtime, and avoid looking at bright screens (ie. laptops, cell phones, TV’s) before going to sleep. Many individuals find it helpful to spend the hour before bed reading a book.

Try Fish Oil

Fish oil can serve as a decent anti-inflammatory. Because such a big part of pain can be caused by inflammation, taking an anti-inflammatory can be beneficial. Don’t bother buying the expensive brands though, generic will do just fine. Try taking one every morning for a few weeks, you may start noticing some slight improvements in your pain level.

At the end of the day, the best way to deal with pain is by seeing a doctor who can diagnose and treat it. Contact Garden State Pain Control today to make an appointment with a qualified pain physician.

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