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How Can Osteopathic Manipulation Help With Pain?

There are new developments in medical science and pain-reducing technologies being introduced at every turn of the calendar month such as anti-cancer drugs and brain scans. These innovations are being introduced so often that it can be easy to overlook some of the most basic and effective methods of treatment. Sometimes a patient would rather feel the healing touch of a doctor than be inserted into a machine or prescribed another pain reliever. If this sounds like you, then you should consider Osteopathic Manipulation Treatment.

This form of treatment can be used to treat migraines, sinus disorders, menstrual pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and asthma. Osteopathic Manipulation Treatment or OMT is also a popular option for treating muscle pain, but before we go any further, let’s take a deeper look into OMT.

What is Osteopathic Manipulation?

In many cases, restriction or tightness in muscles and nerves have the possibility of leading to more severe issues or can be the cause of current pain issues. Osteopathic Manipulation is the form of treatment performed by a doctor of osteopathic medicine (DO). In this procedure, they use their hands to gently adjust the position of your tissues and joints to improve range of motion. OMT can be used alongside or in place of drugs and surgery depending on the severity of pain a patient may be experiencing.

How Does it Feel?

The sound of a doctor adjusting your joints and tissues may be harrowing, but it is not as gruesome as many would assume. DO’s are trained to perform over 40 different techniques of OMT that revolve around the application of light pressure, stretching, and resistance. A few of these include:

Soft Tissue

The DO applies slight pressure on the patient’s muscles that is designed to stretch and relax the muscles.

Myofascial Release

The DO applies firm pressure to help free up tension in the connective tissue surrounding the patient’s bones, also known as the fascia.

Muscle Energy

This is a resistance method where the patient stretches in a specific direction while the DO applies pressure in the opposite direction.

Osteopathic Manipulation can be a very effective form of treatment that can provide maximum results when performed successfully. The pain experts at Garden State Pain Control can use OMT to help release tension in your muscles while improving your range of motion. If you are in the New Jersey area and are experiencing relentless pain, schedule an appointment today to meet with one of our pain experts.

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