Chronic Pain After Orthopedic Surgery

An orthopedic injury is a fracture in the legs, arms, pelvis, or spine. Common orthopedic disorders include arthritis, carpal tunnel, osteoporosis, scoliosis, and fibromyalgia. These injuries often cause intense amounts of pain that need surgery. After surgery some patients who do not have the resources to recover start feeling chronic pain within several months. The Garden State Pain Center is a New Jersey pain clinic that has helped many patients address their pain symptoms by walking with them on the path towards relief.


Acute Pain versus Chronic Pain

There are two types of pain: acute pain and chronic pain. Acute pain comes temporarily, and often does not last longer than several minutes. While it can be intense, most doctors can address the cause and will assist with halting the pain. These usually come from known, recent actions like getting hit by a heavy object or twisting a joint incorrectly. Chronic pain is constant pain that lasts for over 3 months. It can be a frustrating condition, as some general health practitioners will not make a diagnosis as they can’t determine a biological or mechanical cause. As a result, some people who experience chronic pain after an orthopedic surgery are told that they are imagining the condition. When not addressed properly, chronic pain can cause both physical and psychological damage as it may lead to trouble sleeping, eating, or achieving simple tasks like walking or standing up.


Opioid Misuse

Patients who experience intense chronic pain after an orthopedic surgery are more likely to misuse opioids. This is not the fault of the patient. It is becoming more common for doctors to prescribe opioid medication after a surgery without considering the mental effects it may have on the patient. Talking with a pain expert who has an understanding of your condition can help open the door to discussing how to improve your current treatment or alternative treatment options.

If you are experiencing chronic pain in New Jersey that is affecting your career, health, or daily life, you can find a helping hand at the Garden State Pain Center. View our many locations and contact the one nearest you to set up an appointment.