Pain After a Motorcycle Accident

The freedom of riding a motorcycle is as American as blue jeans and apple pie. Motorcycles have come a long way since early designs dated to the late 1800s. The first motorcycle to even be called a motorcycle and enter series production was developed in 1894 by Hildebrand & Wolfmüller in Germany. It was a steam-powered vehicle of which only a few hundred were made. Today, there are over 149,000 motorcycles registered in the state of New Jersey. Motorcycles are everywhere to be found on our modern high-speed roadways, and, unfortunately, motorcycle accidents are on the rise.

As a whole, motorcyclists are extremely vulnerable motorists as they are 26 times more likely to die in a car crash than the passengers of cars. Over 80% of all motorcycle accidents result in some kind of injury, some types more common than others. Motorcycle accidents typically affect the head, one of both shoulders, your skin, arms and legs, and various muscles. When you ride a motorcycle your entire body is exposed to the elements. Despite the use of protective gear, painful injuries are likely to occur if you’re involved in some kind of accident.

The most common type of motorcycle injuries, unfortunately, target the head. Your head houses the heaviest and most crucial organ in your body — your brain. Usually, a concussion is in order upon a motorcycle accident, but the severity of the accident can also lead to brain damage. Cautious riders know to wear a helmet every time they hop on a motorcycle. Still, it is possible to become injured around your head and neck. Injuries to your extremities such as your arms and legs are also fairly common. Shattered or fractured bones in the legs or knees can leave you temporarily disabled. If the problems aren’t addressed quickly enough they can turn into lifelong disabilities.

As with car accidents, you may be in shock immediately following the accident, which means you may not even realize you are injured until some time passes. Despite what you may think about your status, get yourself checked by a doctor who is able to spot injuries you can’t even feel. If you experience pain related to a motorcycle injury further down the road that does not subside, expert pain doctors at your local Garden State Pain Control center are able to address the issue and exhaust a variety of methods to help you get back to your life the way it was before the accident. Contact one of our locations today to book an appointment.