Pain After a Physical Injury

Despite a huge amount of research in the area, the underlying causes of many types of chronic pain remain not well understood. There are many types of personal injuries that can lead to chronic pain. When someone suffers an injury that fully heals but they still feel pain for long periods of time, they may be suffering from chronic pain. One type of chronic pain that can occur following an injury is complex regional pain syndrome. This condition typically results in pain in an arm or leg.

At Garden State Pain Control, our chronic pain doctors have years of experience treating chronic pain which results from an injury. We have treated chronic pain in patients who suffered from:

  • Chronic pain after a car accident
  • Pain after a slip and fall
  • Pain after a motorcycle accident
  • Pain after a boating accident
  • Pain caused by an animal attack
  • Pain after a fall

Our doctors are some of the best in New Jersey. Dr. Neil Sinha, for example, has a five-star rating on both Healthgrades and ZocDoc. He has spent years helping patients who have suffered an injury overcome their chronic pain and live a more active lifestyle.

We have three locations conveniently located in Clifton NJ, Edison NJ, and Elizabeth NJ. We offer treatments for nearly all types of chronic pain at all three locations:

Suffering a serious injury can be a traumatic and life-altering event. Chronic pain can follow individuals around for years after an injury and become an obstruction in just about every part of daily life. That’s why our goal is to help those who have suffered a physical injury regain their lives. We use the most advanced and up to date methods, technologies, and doctors to treat chronic pain once and for all.

For more information on chronic pain after an injury, or to schedule an appointment with one of our physicians, contact our main office at (973) 777-0304 or email us. You can also book an appointment with us online.