Pain Caused By Hip Fractures

A hip fracture is a serious condition that often requires surgery. Your hips are among the largest joints in your body. A hip joint is a connection of your femur (which is often called the “head” of the hip) and your pelvic bone (the curved part of your hip). While the ball-and-socket structure of your hips allows for more flexibility than most joints, this means that a fracture can be more paralyzing and painful than a break in the arm or the leg. Because the hip is such a complex structure, several types of fractures may cause pain.


Intracapsular Fracture

This type of break can tear the blood vessels connected to the top of your hips, damaging both the ball and socket parts of the joint.


Femoral Neck Fracture

This split focuses around the hip’s “neck”, which is the femur around two inches away from the area that the head meets the socket. This fracture can cut off circulation to your hip, which may result in numbness, difficulty moving, and sharp pain.


Intertrochanteric Hip Fracture

This fracture is the farthest away from the joint area, making the pain stem less from biological reasons (like less blood flow) and more from mechanical issues (bone spurs, herniated discs).

There can be several causes of a broken hip. Blunt trauma from falls or car accidents are often the most common, but osteoporosis and other similar diseases can also fracture a hip by decreasing bone tissue. Obesity can stress joints more than they can handle, leading to a fracture after excessive wear and tear. Those over 60 years old are at an increased risk for issues with their hips due to natural bone deterioration. Since older age often comes with issues of sight and balance, it may make one more prone to accidents that can lead to a hip fracture.

The pain caused by a hip fracture may be such that it becomes difficult to stand or walk. A condition like this can put your career and livelihood at risk when not treated properly. If you are looking for pain treatment in New Jersey, Garden State Pain Center has several locations that can provide the personalized consultation and diagnosis leading to the treatment you need for relief. Contact us today.