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Dec 01, 2023

Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery

Walk the day of surgery, recover faster, and experience little scarring with minimally invasive bunion surgery at Garden State Pain and Orthopedics. Podiatrist Dr. Scott Hanauer specializes in all things foot and ankle.

Garden State Pain and Orthopedics offers minimally invasive foot and ankle surgeries in Clifton, Jersey City, Hazlet, and West Orange, New Jersey. Dr. Scott Hanauer of Garden State Pain and Orthopedics specializes in achilles ruptures, bunions, bunionettes, hammertoes, fractures, ligament reconstruction, reconstructive foot and ankle surgery (including ankle replacement), flat foot and cavus foot reconstruction, and ankle and midfoot fusions. 

If you are suffering from bunion pain, minimally invasive bunion surgery may be the best option for you. Minimally invasive bunion surgery provided at Garden State Pain and Orthopedics allows you to:

  • Walk the same day as surgery in a walking boot
  • Experience minimal to no scarring
  • Have a beautiful, bunion-less cosmetic result
  • Get back on your feet as soon as possible
  • Get rid of your long term bunion pain

Bunion surgery can get you the pain relief you deserve. Upon your appointment with Dr. Hanauer, he will create a detailed personalized treatment plan that best fits your needs. Bunions can also be treated through other conservative treatments. These conservative treatments can help ease the pain of your bunions and cope with the discomfort. However, the only way to correct a bunion is with surgery, and minimally invasive surgery is innovative, much less painful, and offers a faster recovery time than traditional bunion surgery. 


When is the best time to get minimally invasive bunion surgery?

The best time to get surgery is when you need it. When it comes to elective surgeries like minimally invasive bunion surgery, it may be more convenient to have surgery during the winter time specifically for a variety of reasons. Here is why we often see a lot more bunion surgeries performed in the months of December through March:

Recovery Time: Bunion surgery typically requires a period of reduced activity and rest for optimal healing. In the winter, you most likely spend more time indoors due to colder weather, providing an opportunity for a more comfortable and convenient recovery. 

Time Off Work: Some people find it easier to take time off work during the winter due to holidays or slower business periods. This can allow for a more extended recovery period without the pressure of returning to work too soon. You also may have extra accrued vacation days or paid time off that you have to use before the end of the year, and recovery is a great way to use that time. If you happen to be out of vacation days, you can wait until January when your time off renews. 

Foot Elevation: It is recommended to keep the foot elevated after bunion surgery to reduce swelling. During the winter, you’ll find it easier to stay indoors and keep their feet elevated while still being able to engage in indoor activities. Instead of being tempted to go swimming, you can relax, lay down, and enjoy a good book or some holiday movies.

Footwear: Post-surgery, patients will be in a walking boot for a few weeks, followed by a surgical sandal, and then supportive shoes. Once out of the prescribed orthotics, winter footwear (like boots) can provide the necessary support and protection for the healing foot. 

Insurance Reasons: Minimally invasive bunion surgery is covered by many insurances. If you happen to have a plan with a high deductible, it may be beneficial to have elective after you have already hit your deductible to limit your out of pocket cost. The month of December may be the perfect time to have surgery if this applies to you. 

It's important to note that the decision to undergo bunion surgery and the timing of the procedure should be discussed with our Foot and Ankle Specialist, Dr Scott Hanauer. He can provide personalized advice based on your individual condition and find out if minimally invasive bunion surgery is right for you. 


How do I know if I am a candidate for minimally invasive bunion surgery? 

Most patients with bunions qualify for minimally invasive bunion surgery, but that doesn’t mean you need it. Dr. Scott Hanauer can discuss whether or not surgery is the best option for you. He suggests surgery if your bunion pain is impacting your daily life, and conservative treatments such as orthotics and wide shoes are not helping. If you want to find out if surgery is best for you, you can schedule an appointment with us by selecting the “Book Now” button.

How long will I be off my feet from minimally invasive bunion surgery?

Minimally invasive bunion surgery allows you to walk the same day as surgery in a protective walking boot. If you have a remote job, you may not even have to take any time off from work, besides the day of surgery. If you work at a more active job, Dr. Hanauer may suggest 1-2 weeks off so you can rest and elevate your foot. 

After 2 weeks in a walking boot, patients are typically transitioned into a protective shoe for an additional 2 weeks, and 4 weeks post-operation the patient will be back in a supportive athletic sneaker. Most patients are back to normal activity 10-12 weeks after surgery.


Don’t let bunion pain control your life. If you have any questions about bunions, bunion surgery, or any other foot and ankle condition, please let us know, or schedule an appointment with Dr. Scott Hanauer above. We also post more informational content weekly on our TikTok @gardenstatepainortho. Check this video out! Why Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery? 

You can also read more about our podiatrist Dr. Scott here, over visit this service page to learn morn about bunion surgery and orther related podiatry conditions. 

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