Pilates For Chronic Back Pain Relief

Aug 31, 2017

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Many healthcare professionals recommend Pilates to people chronic back pain patients,as it is known to help improve flexibility and strength.

Many healthcare professionals recommend Pilates to people chronic back pain patients,as it is known to help improve flexibility and strength. Not only is Pilates great for pain relief, but it can also teach a person how to avoid movements that apply unnecessary pressure to the spine. Through regular Pilates sessions, a chronic pain patient can learn to use his or her body more efficiently.

Considerations for Chronic Back Pain Patients

If you are interested in using Pilates for pain relief, be sure to first consult with your physician. You should also make sure that the Pilates instructor is certified to instruct classes before enrolling in one yourself. Once that is confirmed, let him know that you suffer from back pain ahead of time so that he can consider your limitations when suggesting exercises.

People who suffer from severe back problems may benefit from getting one-on-one instruction from a Pilates teacher. This may be more expensive than taking a group class but is definitely worth it. Results are generally easier to come by in one-on-one sessions in opposed to group classes.

Safety Concerns

Many chronic pain patients are limited to only taking classes once a week. However, as back pain subsides, they are free to take more classes. Even if patients can only attend one or two sessions a week, it helps to practice exercises on off days.

Pilates has roots in ballet and dance which is why some movements can be very challenging. For safety reasons, avoid performing certain exercises if you suffer from degenerative disc disease or chronic back pain. Any position that puts stress on your intervertebral discs can be potentially damaging. Keep in mind that it is always a good idea to consult with your physician before starting Pilates.

Pace Yourself

It is also important to take regular breaks. Working out to the point where you are physically and mentally exhausted can lead to an injury. Inform your instructor if you experience any pain when performing an exercise. He can let you know if you are doing the exercise correctly and suggest a modified version if need be. It may take some time for you to notice the full benefits of Pilates, but if you stick to it, you can gradually reduce chronic pain.

If Pilates seems to do very little for your chronic pain, you should consider consulting with a pain expert. Garden State Pain Control houses experienced pain experts who can provide thorough therapeutic and diagnostic plans designed to target your specific condition. Contact Garden State Pain Control today to set an appointment with a New Jersey pain expert who can help guide you toward pain relief.

Pilates can be a great addition to a pain management treatment plan, but it is important to consult with a pain expert to determine the best course of action for your individual needs.