The Clicking Knee: Why You Shouldn't Ignore It and Why Dr. Deepan Patel is Your Go-To Orthopedic DR

Jan 05, 2024

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A clicking knee is more than just a quirky noise. It can be an early warning sign of various orthopedic issues that, if left unaddressed, may worsen over time.

Imagine this: You're going about your day when suddenly you notice a subtle but persistent clicking sound emanating from your knee with each step. It might be tempting to brush it off as a minor inconvenience, but the truth is, that clicking knee could be signaling an underlying issue that requires attention. In this blog, we delve into the importance of seeking an orthopedic doctor's expertise when your knee starts clicking, and we recommend a trusted specialist in the field – Dr. Deepan Patel at Garden State Pain and Orthopedics.

Understanding the Clicking Knee:

A clicking knee is more than just a quirky noise. It can be an early warning sign of various orthopedic issues that, if left unaddressed, may worsen over time. Some common causes of a clicking knee include:

  1. Meniscal Tears: The meniscus is a rubbery cartilage in the knee that acts as a cushion. When torn, it can cause a clicking sound as the torn edges catch or rub against each other during movement.

  2. Loose Bodies: Loose cartilage or bone fragments within the knee joint can create a clicking sensation. These fragments may interfere with the smooth motion of the joint, leading to the audible clicking sound.

  3. Tendon Snapping: Tendons sliding over bony structures can sometimes cause snapping or clicking. This can be a result of inflammation or tightness in the tendons.

  4. Arthritis: Inflammatory conditions like arthritis can lead to changes in the joint surfaces, causing clicking as the joint moves. It's essential to identify and manage arthritis early to prevent further deterioration.

The Importance of Orthopedic Evaluation:

Ignoring a clicking knee is akin to turning a blind eye to your body's distress signal. An orthopedic evaluation becomes crucial for several reasons:

  1. Early Diagnosis: Identifying the root cause of the clicking is the first step toward effective treatment. Orthopedic doctors, with their specialized knowledge of the musculoskeletal system, can conduct a thorough examination, order relevant tests, and diagnose the underlying issue promptly.

  2. Prevention of Complications: Left untreated, conditions causing a clicking knee can progress and lead to more severe complications. For example, a meniscal tear may worsen, resulting in increased pain, swelling, and limited mobility. Timely intervention can prevent such complications.

  3. Personalized Treatment Plans: Orthopedic specialists like Dr. Deepan Patel at Garden State Pain and Orthopedics are adept at developing personalized treatment plans based on the specific diagnosis. These plans may include physical therapy, medications, or, in some cases, surgical interventions tailored to address the individual's unique needs.

  4. Restoration of Functionality: Addressing the clicking knee early on enhances the chances of preserving joint function. Orthopedic doctors focus not only on alleviating symptoms but also on restoring optimal functionality, ensuring you can continue to enjoy an active lifestyle.

Meet Dr. Deepan Patel – Your Trusted Orthopedic Specialist:

When it comes to seeking expert guidance for your clicking knee, Dr. Deepan Patel at Garden State Pain and Orthopedics is a name you can trust. With a wealth of experience and a commitment to patient-centered care, Dr. Patel stands out as a top-tier orthopedic specialist.

  1. Comprehensive Expertise: Dr. Patel brings a comprehensive understanding of orthopedics, specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of various musculoskeletal conditions. His expertise covers a wide range of issues, from common joint problems to complex orthopedic surgeries.

  2. Cutting-Edge Treatments: Garden State Pain and Orthopedics, under the guidance of Dr. Patel, offers cutting-edge treatments and state-of-the-art facilities. This ensures that patients receive the latest advancements in orthopedic care for the best possible outcomes.

  3. Patient-Centric Approach: Dr. Patel is known for his patient-centric approach, taking the time to listen to each individual's concerns, thoroughly explain diagnoses and treatment options, and involve patients in decisions about their care.

  4. Holistic Care Philosophy: Understanding that orthopedic health is intertwined with overall well-being, Dr. Patel adopts a holistic care philosophy. He addresses not only the physical aspects of the condition but also considers the impact on the patient's quality of life.


A clicking knee should never be dismissed as a minor annoyance. Seeking the expertise of an orthopedic doctor is not only prudent but crucial for maintaining the health and functionality of your knee joint. Dr. Deepan Patel at Garden State Pain and Orthopedics is a beacon of excellence in the field, offering personalized and cutting-edge orthopedic care. Don't let a clicking knee compromise your well-being – schedule an appointment with Dr. Patel to take the first step toward a healthier, pain-free future.