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Hip pain isn’t always caused by a problem in your hip -- it can originate with a health condition in your back -- but no matter where it begins, hip pain can be debilitating. The doctors at Garden State Pain & Orthopedics are experts in diagnosing the precise cause of your pain and developing a treatment plan that provides real relief. If you have any questions or need help with hip pain, call one of their offices in Edison, Clifton, Hazlet, Paramus, or Jersey City, New Jersey, or book an appointment online for a complete evaluation.

Hip Pain Q & A

What causes hip pain?

Hip pain arises from many possible causes, including arthritis, infection, bursitis, and damage to muscles, ligaments, and tendons. It’s often a challenge to diagnose because you can have a problem in your hip but feel the pain in your thigh, groin, or buttocks instead of the hip.

The reverse is also true. You could have a problem elsewhere in your body that causes pain in the hip. For example, sciatica and other health conditions in your back, such as spinal degeneration and facet joint sprain, can lead to hip pain.

How is hip pain treated?

Whether your hip pain started recently or you’ve gone through different types of treatment without getting sufficient relief, the doctors at Garden State Pain & Orthopedics can help. The proper treatment depends on the cause of your hip pain and the specific location of the pain, so they use diagnostic tests and imaging to target the cause, then they provide specialized treatments such as:

Hip injections

Medication is injected directly into the area that’s the source of your pain. The injections contain a combination of steroids and a local anesthetic so that you get immediate pain relief, as well as long-lasting results, as steroids reduce swelling and pain.

DRG stimulation

Dorsal root ganglion (DRG) therapy is used to diminish chronic pain in the lower body, including the hip and groin. Your doctor at Garden State Pain & Orthopedics implants a small generator under your skin that sends mild electrical impulses to the dorsal root ganglion that’s causing your hip pain.

The dorsal root ganglion is a bundle of nerves that transmit pain information to your brain. The electrical stimulation stops the DRG from sending those pain signals, which means you feel less pain.

How does platelet-rich plasma treat hip pain?

Platelets found in your blood contain growth factors that promote healing by stimulating new cells and tissues to grow and replace injured tissue. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is blood plasma that contains extra platelets.

PRP is made by drawing some of your blood, separating the platelets from the plasma, then adding all the platelets into a small amount of plasma. When PRP is injected into your hip, the growth factors reduce pain and speed healing. This treatment is especially beneficial when your hip pain is caused by arthritis or damaged tendons, muscles, or bones.

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