10 Ways to Maintain Spine Health (Part 1)

Nov 23, 2015

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The key to maintaining a healthy back and spine is implementing proper habits into your daily rituals.

The key to maintaining a healthy back and spine is implementing proper habits into your daily rituals. Here are some essential tips to keeping your back strong and healthy:

Exercise Daily

Exercise is important to many parts of your health. It can especially do wonders for your back and spine. Go for an exercise regimen that focuses on stretching and strengthening the back, hamstrings, and abdominal muscles. Doing this allows for improved nutrient distribution throughout the spinal discs and soft tissues and keeps joints healthy.

Keep Proper Posture

The spine is naturally designed to curve when you sit. However, slouching back or forward in an office chair all day can be bad for your back, leading to potential back pain and muscle tension. If you do have to work a full shift while sitting down, make you sure you do it in an ergonomically designed chair that will support your back. It can also help to get up and stretch every half hour or use part of your lunch break to get up and walk around.

Get Comfortable Shoes

Walking is an excellent exercise for your spine and back health. Without the proper shoes, however, your spine may not have a stable base to remain aligned while you are walking. With flexible, comfortable shoes, walking can provide great benefits for your spine, including strengthening the bones, keeping the body upright, and improving flexibility. The right shoes should be durable, high-quality, and easy to walk in. Tennis shoes or sneakers usually provide the best comfort and protection for your feet and spine while exercising.

Sleep on a supportive mattress and pillow

If you’re getting enough sleep, you can spend up to a third of every day sleeping. Sleep serves as a time for the body to recover and heal after a long day of work. However, without the proper mattress to support your back, sleep can prove to be a stressful time on the spine, leading to back pain and stiff neck pain in the morning. The right comfort for your back and spine normally depends on the individual’s preference. However, choosing an ergonomic mattress designed to support correct spine alignment and sleeping positions can be a major prevention tool of back and neck pain in the future.

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