Back Pain Tips for Flying

Dec 07, 2015

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Airplane flights can be a treacherous endeavor for those of us who suffer from back pain.

Airplane flights can be a treacherous endeavor for those of us who suffer from back pain. Long flights can be particularly arduous. Even those who rarely if ever experience issues with back pain will likely find that after several hours of sitting in coach, their backs will start hurting. Thankfully, there are several ways to make the trip more comfortable for you.

#1 Ask Your Doctor for Help

More often than not, if you bring a letter from a doctor outlining your condition and what you will need in order to have a comfortable plane ride, the airline company will provide reasonable and appropriate accommodations. For example, they may allow you to lie on the floor periodically during especially long flights, they may give you extra cushions, and they may allow you to walk around inside the plane more often. A doctor can also help you by prescribing stronger pain medication for use during your flight.

#2 Use Cushions During the Flight

A pillow or cushion can provide much needed relief, especially if you suffer from lower back pain. Just ask a flight attendant for extra cushions or bring your own. You should be able to find many cushions online made specifically to help with back pain during long flights. Another option is to bring a back brace. Remember not to wait until your back starts hurting to use your cushions. It’s best to get as comfortable and well-supported as possible right from the beginning.

#3 Call Your Airline Ahead of Time

It’s best to give your airline company a heads up at least a month in advance. This will help them prepare any necessary accommodations for you and will ensure that it’s not too late to request accommodations. You should explain your condition and ask your airline about early boarding options and wheelchair assistance if you think you’ll need it. In some cases, airlines can even have an individual help you get through security more easily.

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