Biggest Neck & Back Pain Myths

Feb 01, 2016

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Back and neck pain are very complex.

Back and neck pain are very complex. They can be caused by a great number of different conditions, injuries, and even infections. This means back and neck pain tends to be difficult to diagnose and it tends to be subject to many popular myths. Whether or not you suffer from back or neck pain, it’s important to know the myths and the facts because back and neck pain may affect you later in life. For those that do currently suffer from back or neck pain, knowing the facts and myths could help you better manage your pain.

#1 – Back Problems Won’t Happen to Me

Almost everyone experiences back pain at some point in their lives. In fact, statistically speaking, one in eight Americans will suffer from back pain at some point. Even those who are physically active, can still suffer from back pain. It is true that individuals who exercise regularly are less likely than individuals who never exercise to suffer from severe chronic back pain. Regardless however, back pain is common enough to where it should be considered a concern to everyone.

#2 – Back & Neck Pain Can Lead to Paralysis

In most cases, even severe back pain does not necessarily mean that the pain will lead to paralysis. This is because the spinal cord actually ends in the top part of the lower back. In general, lower back pain originates from beneath the spinal cord where there are only nerve roots. In some rare cases, paralysis is a possibility, especially if the pain is caused by a tumor or an infection.

#3 – If You Have Back & Neck Problems When You’re Young, They Will Get Worse As You Age

Actually, the most common age group for individuals who suffer from back & neck pain are those aged 35 – 55. People are less likely to have pain as they enter their 50’s and 60’s because, although disk degeneration is a natural part of aging, it does not necessarily lead to pain.

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