Canes for Chronic Back Pain

Sep 01, 2017

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Canes are tools most appropriate for those who have balance issues.

Canes are tools most appropriate for those who have balance issues. Although the elderly are most noted for using canes, they can help all individuals whose chronic back pain impairs their ability to stand upright without support. Many people who need canes choose not to use them to avoid “looking old.”

This ideology is widely shared but can have life-threatening consequences if your imbalance results in a fall. Experiencing a dangerous fall can further intensify back pain and subject you to a wheelchair. Rather than run the risk of worsening your current condition, consider how you can use a cane for your chronic back pain.

Types of Canes for Chronic Back Pain

Canes come in different forms and have various applications. The standard cane helps you balance and stand upright. Chronic back pain patients can benefit from a standard cane, as they are known to lean to one side or the other to lessen pain which throws off balance. The quad cane provides more support and helps those who need a bit more stability. Physicians suggest you use a walker or crutches if you must put more than 20 percent of your weight on the cane.

Selecting the Right Cane

It is important that you choose the cane best for you to ensure that you get adequate support and don’t worsen your condition. Some canes are adjustable, but many others are not which is why it helps to pay close attention to the specifications when selecting a cane. The top of the cane should come up to your hip bone on the side of your upper thigh, and your elbow should not bend more than 20 degrees when holding the cane.

How to Know if You Need a Cane

If you must use your furniture or walls to walk, get up, or sit down, you should probably consider getting a cane. It is easy to get away from using a cane at home since there are many fixtures to grab onto, but it can be difficult to find a structure for support when outdoors. You can help eliminate the worry of falling by simply getting a cane to help you regain your balance.

When choosing a cane, consider consulting with a pain management specialist to ensure the cane is an appropriate part of your pain management treatment plan. Canes can only do so much to help with your chronic back pain. If using a cane doesn’t seem to be enough for your specific pain issues, you should consider speaking with a pain expert. Garden State Pain Control houses experienced pain experts who can provide thorough therapeutic and diagnostic plans designed to target your specific condition. Contact Garden State Pain Control today to set an appointment with a New Jersey pain expert who can help guide you toward pain relief.