Common Back Pain Treatments at a Glance

Feb 25, 2017

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As you look through the Garden State Pain website, you’ll notice that back pain can have many causes and just as many treatments.

As you look through the Garden State Pain website, you’ll notice that back pain can have many causes and just as many treatments. Doctors want to find the procedure that works for each patient. That said, the more niche procedures tend to make up a small percentage of back pain treatments recommended and performed in clinics. The most common types of back procedures to treat chronic pain tend to be the following three:

Conservative Treatment

Most patients try conservative treatment for back pain before walking into the clinic. Conservative treatment means treating back pain without the assistance of medication or surgical methods. Doctors often recommend this route when the discomfort is not so bad that it stops the patient from moving. Although many people may think keeping still and not moving is the best cure for injuries, light exercise is one of the more useful methods as it helps stretch out the muscle and loosen joints that may be pinching nerves. Unless otherwise specified, the exercise is often non-weight bearing, meaning it doesn’t involve using gym equipment like dumbbells or squat racks. Beyond exercise, other conservative treatments include physiotherapy and chiropractic work, both addressing the skeletal issues that may be causing chronic pain.

Medication Treatment

Prescribed medication from a medical professional can be an effective method to treat chronic pain. Common medications include inhibitors, opioids, anti-inflammatory drugs and medications that focus on neuropathy (nerve pain). Anti-inflammatory drugs can be effective as many researchers believe inflammation is the cause of many back pain issues. Neuropathic medication is more specialized, as it focuses on the nerves themselves that are often sending the signals causing you discomfort. Always consult with a medical expert before starting any treatment through medication.


If conservative treatment and medication do not help with pain, doctors often recommend surgery as the last option. Surgery can either be minimally-invasive or conventional. Minimally-invasive surgery is a procedure where the surgeon makes a small incision to treat the area causing the back pain without disrupting the vicinity. Conventional surgery often involves larger issues that a minimally invasive method can’t address.

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