Do Massage Chairs Help Ease Back Pain?

Aug 15, 2016

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Whether you see them in the mall, or have one at home, massage chairs are normally seen as luxury items that don’t accomplish much besides a fun rumble.

Whether you see them in the mall, or have one at home, massage chairs are normally seen as luxury items that don’t accomplish much besides a fun rumble. While this may be true for some poorly designed massage chairs, most actually do have the ability to relax your back pain. When you can’t go out for an expert massage, an electronic substitute can do just as well, and for a lower price! Massage chairs can also help alleviate neck pain by improving circulation and relaxing muscles in the neck area. Below are some ways a massage chair can help ease back pain. Massage chairs can be a valuable addition to your pain management treatment plan, providing consistent and effective relief for back pain in the comfort of your own home.


They Reduce Stress

A common cause of your back pain is due to your muscles and skeletal system being overly tight, or overworked. A good massage chair works to relax your muscles by stimulating the blood flow to areas of your back that have been lacking in oxygen and nutrients. This is especially helpful if you are experiencing muscle spasms, the heat coming out of the massage chair warming up that area will reduce their frequency. This improved circulation and nutrients will help ease the back pain you’re feeling.

Now, since your muscles are all interconnected in your body, taking away the tension from your back area will also help reduce tension to your neck, chest, and legs. So, not only do massage chairs help calm down your back pain, they can also help with things like headaches, since a common cause of headaches is excess tension.

Your Skeletal System May Improve

When your muscles are strained, they will also increase the strain on your skeleton. Sometimes the pressure from overly tense muscles can get your bones to be pulled out in unnatural places, which will cause you discomfort and pain. Many massage chairs have the ability to stretch and knead the problem areas where your muscles are too tight, and relaxing them will help relax your skeletal structure. Taking this stress away will help with the alignment of your spinal cord, which is a common cause of back pain.

They Are Consistent

When it comes to any improvement, practice and consistency are the most important tools for success. Say what you will about a computer, but a computer can do something exactly the same plenty of times with little room for error. What’s great about massage chairs is that you always know what to expect, and if you own one, you can schedule a consistent schedule for your massage chair to do its duty and help with your back pain.

While a massage chair may seem pricier up front, making an investment on a good quality chair can lead to saving plenty of dollars in the long run. Not only can you ease your back pain, you can read a book or watch some tv while you do it!

If your back pain is still persisting even with a strict regimen, you may be experiencing chronic back pain, and have a more serious issue that can’t be addressed by a simple massage. Contact Garden State Pain Control today to make an appointment with one of our expert doctors, who have experience with helping patients address their chronic pain.