Do Massages Ease Chronic Pain?

Dec 02, 2016

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Many times, surgery is not the only option for addressing chronic pain.

Many times, surgery is not the only option for addressing chronic pain. There are many forms of chronic pain, and as many procedures available to help alleviate the pain. As research grows, data gathered from massage therapists, patients, and physicians show that massages are one viable alternative. Depending on the type of chronic pain, a proper massage can fulfill the same roles as oral pain medication and physical therapy. How does a massage help ease your chronic pain? Massage therapy is a non-invasive pain management treatment that can effectively reduce chronic pain in many patients.

Full Body Treatment

Many treatments that focus on alleviating chronic pain focus directly on the area of the body that is experiencing pain. While this tactic is not wrong, it does not consider how other muscles and tissues in the body may be causing pain, nor does it usually address how to prevent chronic pain in the future. Massage therapists, on the other hand, start by treating the entire body and how the relationship between muscles and tissues is affecting you. An overall picture of how your body works can lead to a better understanding of why your pain is happening, how to treat the pain, and how to prevent it.

Molecular Changes

A massage can affect how your tissues and cells operate at a molecular level. Based off of the motion that a massage therapist applies to the patient, a series of reactions at the atomic level can go off that helps reverse pain felt after exercise or any extreme action. A massage can dampen pain signals sent by proteins called inflammatory cytokines. Conversely, mitochondrial production is encouraged by massages. Mitochondria are structures within your cells that help make energy, making for faster recovery from stressful movements or physically traumatic events.

Human Touch

Many patients find massage therapy soothing since the treatment involves human touch. For patients feeling self-conscious of their bodies after surgery, a massage can help them regain confidence about their bodies. Improved confidence and a positive mood can assist in alleviating cases of chronic pain.

If you are experiencing chronic pain and wondering how a massage can help, contact us at Garden State Pain Center today. As mentioned before, chronic pain can come in many forms, and many patients need a unique treatment plan. Schedule an appointment at one of our New Jersey offices today.