How to Parent With Chronic Back Pain

Sep 08, 2017

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Living with chronic pain is a challenge for anyone, but can be extremely difficult for parents with young children.

Living with chronic pain is a challenge for anyone, but can be extremely difficult for parents with young children. As if managing your pain was not enough, you must also keep up with kids who may not necessarily understand your limitations. Whether you’re the proud parent of a newborn or raising a teenager, chronic pain can make accomplishing everyday parenting tasks seem like an impossible feat. Living with the limitations of chronic pain can severely impact family relations. To avoid losing touch with your children, allow these tips to help you parent with chronic back pain.


Honesty is essential when speaking with your kids. For those who are younger, there are many age-appropriate books available to help explain chronic ailments. Allow your children time to talk about their feelings and concerns while reassuring them that their parent is always available, no matter your level of pain. Maintain open dialogue to help your children feel understood and valued.

Plan Accordingly

Take the time to plan out your days when attending big events or going on a vacation. Schedule in time for of rest before and after each activity to limit pain. You should also carry a take-along bag that has comfort items like supportive cushions and blankets. It can also help to take your medication before taking on the activities of the day to treat pain before it gets too intense.

Be Positive

Pain patients often feel a sense of grief for things they can no longer do, but you should instead focus on what you can still do for your child. For example, you may not be able to chase your kids around the yard, but you can still bring them to park to play with friends. Don’t consider your condition a limitation, but rather an opportunity to pursue alternative ventures.

You should also enlist the help of your friends, family, and community whenever necessary. Help with driving, cooking, or even having a child go to a friend’s house for a sleepover can provide much-needed time for rest.

We understand that your chronic back pain has a significant impact on your daily life. The pain experts at Garden State Pain Control can analyze your specific ailments and pursue minimally invasive treatment options. Life without chronic pain is a possibility. Book an appointment at one of our New Jersey offices today.