How to Address Chronic Pain While on Vacation

Jul 31, 2017

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Patients who are battling chronic pain may feel somewhat stuck when it comes to travel.

Patients who are battling chronic pain may feel somewhat stuck when it comes to travel. On the one hand, getting some light exercise and a burst of fresh air can work wonders for your body both physically and mentally. On the other hand, traveling means the lack of a safe space, extended periods without moving on a plane, barely any rest, and more. Such factors can make vacations seem impossible, but with the right planning, your trip does not have to be an unpleasant one.

Stock Your Supplements and Prescriptions Ahead of Time

One of the worst feelings is packing up for your vacation the night before and discovering you only have enough prescription medication for the next two days. Don’t find yourself caught without the help you need; check whether you need refills or not at least ten days before your vacation starts. Even if it looks like your stock will last throughout the journey, it never hurts to research the pharmacies in your area and find out if they can provide refills.

Take Care of Your Feet

Many of us take our feet for granted. It isn’t until the middle of the day after having walked through a bustling city that we realize how sore feet can ruin the experience. Feet play a significant role in providing support for your spine. Flip flops and cheap shoes can quickly make your feet sore and worsen chronic pain. Invest in high-quality shoes made for walking to help prevent instances of chronic pain.

Don’t Forget to Sleep

It is tempting to do as much as you possibly can when you are on vacation, but you won’t see all of Paris in a day. At least, not without sacrificing precious sleep hours that could help prevent episodes of chronic pain or soreness. Do your best to retain your 8-hour sleep schedule; this might mean taking nap breaks in the middle of the day or opting out of night-time events. You don’t want to burn out before the vacation is halfway over!

Give Yourself Time

Many tourists make the mistake of planning their vacation too tightly. The world can – and often will – throw a roadblock into your plans. Delayed flights, traffic jams, and lost baggage can all turn an easy going traveler into a ball of stress. Too much stress can build up tension in the shoulders and joints, leading to chronic pain flares.

Before planning an extended vacation, it is first important to understand why your discomfort is happening and how to treat it.