Top 3 Tips for Traveling With Chronic Back Pain

May 24, 2017

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Your life does not stop for chronic pain. Instances may present themselves when you must travel by plane.

Your life does not stop for chronic pain. Instances may present themselves when you must travel by plane. If the process of flying wasn’t mentally draining enough, you now have to think of ways to minimize back pain during your commute. Travelling with chronic pain may be difficult but it is not impossible. Adhere to these 3 key tips to help minimize chronic pain symptoms.

Be Careful with Luggage

Try to pack light. The lighter your luggage is, the easier it will be to carry around the airport. If you do have heavy luggage, check it in at the gate and only tote a lightweight carry-on bag. It is preferred that your carry-on be a backpack rather than one that hangs from your shoulder. A backpack will evenly distribute the weight across your back while a messenger bag or a large purse can weigh down one side of your body.

When it comes to stowing your luggage above head, take your time and lift your luggage in stages. Slowly transfer your bag from the floor, to the armrest, to the top of the chair, into the cubby. If this is still causing you pain, request assistance from a flight attendant; they will kindly help you.

Sit Comfortably

Many plane seats are worn out from repeated use. This can make for a very uncomfortable flight if you do not make the proper adjustments. There are back support cushions made specifically for uncomfortable seats. If one of these are not at your disposal, simply request a pillow and sheet from a flight attendant. Place the pillow between the seat and your lower back to support the natural inward arch of your spine. Fold your sheet and place it on the seat for added cushioning. Leg positioning is also essential for a pain-free flight. Keep your legs at a right angle and if the seat is too high, your luggage can double as a footrest.

Accept Help

Accepting help can be the most difficult thing to do for many people. You are used to having your independence and rather keep it that way. We suggest that you listen to your body and only perform movements that your body allows. If you rather not vocalize your condition, request a letter from your doctor detailing your limitations. Provide this letter to a flight attendant or whoever may need to be made aware to ensure you are appropriately accommodated.

Follow these 3 essential tips to limit chronic pain during your travelling efforts. Once you get back home, schedule an appointment at Garden State Pain Control. Our board-certified pain experts can analyze your issues and outline a plan of action to ease your chronic pain symptoms. Contact one of our various New Jersey locations to discover your options.