What is the Pain Cycle?

May 05, 2017

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Chronic pain can be caused from an injury that makes it hard for your body to move naturally.

Chronic pain can be caused from an injury that makes it hard for your body to move naturally. The unbalanced motions that lead to poor posture are the main results of the pain cycle. By looking at this cycle, we can see how your body deals with pain caused from an injury and how it can create a loop of dangerous events with long-lasting effects.

How does the Pain Cycle Begin?

The pain cycle begins from an injury. This injury makes an individual adjust the way he or she walks, runs, or rests. The way the body promotes certain movements to avoid the pain is the catalyst of the pain cycle. If you have an injury to your arm and it hurts to bend your arm a certain way, then your body will find alternate methods of bending. The time period of recovery from injury can vary depending on the severity. When it hurts your body to move normally, it will naturally attempt to find a distorted motion that does not cause pain.

Lasting Effects of the Pain Cycle

The recovery time from an injury can be long or short depending on how severe the injury was. During the recovery period certain muscles, ligaments, or nerves could have grown accustomed to moving in a distorted way. These motions are still used even after the injury is completely healed. The new movements can create chronic pain. The body created these motions to avoid pain but now the pain is being caused because of these motions.

How Can You Stop the Pain Cycle?

The way to stop the pain cycle is through motions that unlock the painful joints and muscles in your body. Restoring motion to correct posture is one natural way to stop the pain cycle. Taking measures to reinforce natural motions while your body continues to promote unnatural ones can be overwhelming. It is recommended to see a chronic pain expert before trying any methods that could do more harm than good. The right pain treatment plan can help ensure that your body continues to promote balance. Contact Garden State Pain today for expert chronic pain treatment in New Jersey. When it comes to managing chronic pain caused by injury, pain management treatment is often a crucial component in breaking the pain cycle and promoting natural movements.