Symptoms to Watch Out for After a Car Accident

Jan 20, 2017

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Car accidents, whether major or not, are awful experiences.

Car accidents, whether major or not, are awful experiences. Because everyone handles a vehicle collision differently, it can be difficult to determine whether you experienced a dangerous injury or not. Untreated, injuries from auto accidents can lead to serious back pain after several days or weeks. Even if you don’t feel any symptoms after a car crash, you should always o get checked out by a doctor who may recommend some form of physical therapy to help your body heal. If you feel any of the following symptoms, you should consult a local pain expert who can determine if it is a sign of something more serious:

Neck Pain or Stiffness

One of the most commonly associated conditions with vehicle accidents is whiplash. Whiplash is a vague, catch-all term used to describe any neck or shoulder pain that occurs after a car accident. Many of them happen after a rear-end car accident. When you feel whiplash that won’t go away after a car collision, you should set an appointment to take and X-Ray, MRI, or CT Scan to help determine the cause of the pain.


While headaches are not unusual several days after a car accident, they can still be the first signal of a more serious issue. Headaches may signify blood clots in the brain, head or neck injury, or the beginning of a more serious concussive injury.

Changes in Function or Personality

This symptom may be signs of a traumatic brain injury from the car crash. Changes in personality usually means that someone is more irritable, moody, or generally depressed after a car crash. It can also mean having trouble thinking, focusing, moving, or looking around in ways that were not present before the accident.


Whiplash injuries may lead to feelings of numbness in the arms and hands. Usually, not being able to feel in those areas is due to damage found in the spinal column.

Back Pain

Car collisions are one of the most common causes of chronic back pain symptoms. The pain you feel may be due to muscle injury, pinched nerves, or worn down ligaments. Sometimes, the bones that make up your spine may be damaged. With over half of impact collisions leading to some form of low back pain, if you experience this symptom for an extended period of time, you should get in touch with a local doctor who specializes in back pain.

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