Top 7 Benefits of Spinal Cord Stimulators

Jan 22, 2016

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A spinal cord stimulator is not for everyone.

spinal cord stimulator is not for everyone. However, for many individuals who suffer from chronic pain like back pain and leg pain on a daily basis and who have exhausted all other treatment options with little or no results, a spinal cord stimulator may offer many benefits. A spinal cord stimulator can reduce your pain by replacing it with a mild tingling sensation. This means patients will feel better and be better able to perform normal daily activities that most people take for granted. These are the top 7 benefits to spinal cord stimulation:

  1. Less Uncertainty – Because a trial can test a patient’s response to this treatment before actually undergoing the surgery, patients can face less uncertainty about the effectiveness of the treatment before having it.
  2. Reduce Pain – A spinal cord stimulator sends tiny electrical pulses into your spinal cord which prevent pain signals from reaching your brain.
  3. Reduce or Eliminate Drug Use – Individuals may find that they need less pain medication, or none at all, after having a spinal cord stimulator implanted.
  4. Perform More Activities – Whether it’s walking through the park or playing with your kids, without the pain constantly getting in your way, patients typically find that they are better able to do everyday activities.
  5. More Control – Patients can control or adjust the intensity of the stimulation if their pain becomes better, worse, or changes location. This provides individuals with more control over managing their pain.
  6. Reversible – This is not a permanent procedure. The spinal cord stimulation can be either turned off or removed at a later time.
  7. Precise Pain Targeting – Unlike oral medication, spinal cord stimulation can be used to target a very specific area or pain without major effects on the rest of your body and with significantly fewer side effects.

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